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Digital Innovation at Your Business's Service

With vast experience, the Business division excels in creating and maintaining desktop, web, and mobile systems utilizing a wide range of information technology tools and techniques. Witch includes data analysis and modeling, cloud-based distributed resources utilization, data and process management tools, among others.
We are capable of building robust applications to effectively meet all your demands.

Discover our key projects.

Sustainability Report Website

Annual Report structured in chapters. Incorporates accessibility functionalities like screen reader/Libras.
Content-oriented dynamic website.

Click here to access.

Transparency Portal

Customer Complaints Portal equipped with in-page editing, simplifying previewing before publication. 
Data spreadsheet importers developed to allow publishers manage everything directly within the page editing.

Click here to access.

Fuel Prices Website

Website featuring Dynamic and Publisher-Updated Infographics using structured data from a spreadsheet.

Click here to access.

Petrobras Technology Website

Petrobras' Technology Opportunities Aggregation Website.
Content registration and categorization handled by publishing tool and REST API importer.

Click here to access. 

Explore More Blog

Personalized Web Blog.

Click here to access.

Basins Communication Website

Communication website featuring pages, news, and user interaction tools.

Click Here to access.

We are Liferay certified partners

Find out how PetroSoft and Liferay can boost your business growth.

Meet our staff

Foto de Wagner de Melo Reck

Wagner de Melo Reck

Business Division Manager

Foto de Alexandre Antonio de Oliveira Lopes

Alexandre Antonio de Oliveira Lopes


Foto de Lamarque Vieira Souza

Lamarque Vieira Souza


Foto de Túlio Ligneul Santos

Túlio Ligneul Santos

Science Division Manager

  • Foto de Emanuel Jesus Xavier

    Emanuel Jesus Xavier

  • Foto de Ricardo Henrique Pereira Leite

    Ricardo Henrique Pereira Leite

  • Foto de Alexandre Lopes Junior

    Alexandre Lopes Junior

  • Foto de Halliday Gauss Costa dos Santos

    Halliday Gauss Costa dos Santos

  • Foto do Lucas Marques

    Lucas Rodrigues Marques

  • Foto do William

    William Gomes de Lima Natividade

  • Foto de Willian Gomes Pessoa

    Willian Gomes Pessoa

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