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​​​​​The Science division consists of multidisciplinary consultants with a solid academic background, capable of developing and using sophisticated computer systems that involve numerical simulations, mathematical models, 3D scientific visualization, and more. This branch of the company also offers courses and training in different areas and topics of interest, along with well-defined consultancy services.

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A cross-platform framework designed for developing plugin-based numerical simulation systems. The framework's flexibility and versatility ensure extensive modularization of solutions, enabling easy incorporation and combination of functionalities, algorithms, processes, and even new business rules by adding the required plugins.

By integrating domains from different scenarios, it becomes possible to create hybrid applications that combine methodologies for a more comprehensive outcome.

Currently on version 2.​​
Genesis with plugins loaded.


Built on the Genesis platform, StratBR is a simulation system for geological depositional processes on a stratigraphic scale.

It incorporates diverse factors and subprocesses of stratigraphy and sedimentology, like carbonate growth, eustasy, subsidence, turbidity currents, also allowing data correlation between simulated and real datasets.
Genesis with stramodeling plugins


Simulation prototype for salt precipitation. Its results provided insights into crucial questions about the formation of the suboceanic salt layer.

Developed in an exceptionally short timeframe.


Built on the Genesis platform, BioMarkerKin is a hydrocarbon cracking process simulator using biomarker experiments.

Its development entailed joint studies in Geochemistry, Applied Mathematics, and Artificial Intelligence domains.


As an evolution of BioMarkerKin, BRKin enables simultaneous multicomponent kinetic inversions and the application of experimental times or thermal histories of millions of years on analytical simulation methods.

It incorporates modules for API density, RGO simulation, and vitrinite reflectance kinetics. Additionally, it can predict gas/liquid formations considering time/temperature/pressure histories and mass evolution.

The software holds a Patent-pending status and received the Petrobras Inventor Award 2022.

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